“Moan Flow” listening examples

The following soundclips are the examples included in the presentation titled “Moan Flow: Chronic Pain, Intimacy, and Modulating Flawed Bodies,” delivered at the Improvisation and Mobility Conference and Festival, at the University of Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada) on May 12, 2017.

Example 1: Bud Powell, “There Will Never Be Another You,”” Blues for Bouffemont (Fontana Records, 1964).

Example 2: Bud Powell, “There Will Never Be Another You,”” Strictly Powell (RCA Victor, 1957). 

Example 3 – “Bolivia,” second chorus (1:37-1:53).

Example 4 – “Bolivia,” third chorus (2:05-2:20). 

Example 5 – “Bolivia,” fourth chorus (2:34-2:49). 

Example 6 – “Bolivia,” fifth/final chorus (3:02-3:17).

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