Monetizing TRoS

Throughout the blog, you’ll find links for purchasing books and recordings via Amazon. I’m including these links — and monetizing TRoS — for two reasons:

1) To encourage readers and participants in the blog to invest in the artists, musicians, and writers whose work this blog supports…and…

2) To generate a small revenue stream for the maintenance of the blog itself.

This revenue comes via Amazon’s Affiliate program through which I am sent a small percentage of any purchases made on Amazon after a reader clicks on an Amazon link from within TRoS — not just the book or recording that is linked, but anything else (groceries, clothing, everyday items…flat-screen TVs) you might buy. I have not enrolled TRoS in the Affiliate program to make a profit, but rather, to pay for the expenses associated with running it, most especially paying cover charges for live shows and paying hosting costs for the website, and for re-investing the remainder back into the communities it supports.

While there are quite a few ways to accomplish #1 — all of which you should pursue! — there are very few options for #2. So, please consider supporting TRoS through making Amazon purchases via the TRoS links. And thanks for your support!

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