A belated happy 1st birthday to TRoS & the best 2013 jazz albums I (haven’t yet) heard

Such is the life of full-time professor who blogs part-time: lesson plans, class prep, and grading always come before new posts (the numerous half-drafted entries notwithstanding). I have been so immersed in grant applications, freelance academic writing, but most especially my majors-level jazz theory & improv course that I even forgot to mark the one-year anniversary of this site. I’d like to thank everyone that has read, commented, shared, and supported TRoS. Here’s a list of the writing that you all visited most in 2013:

  1. “On the Launch”
  2. “Magnificent Regularly: Cécile McLorin Salvant Premieres WomanChild at 54 Below”
  3. “Book Review: Jean-Michel Pilc: It’s About Music”
  4. “Enunciating Power and Ex…Plosive Time: Cécile McLorin Salvant’s Woman Child and Silence Undone”
  5. “Considering the Approach Before the Aesthetics: Vijay Iyer’s Research and Writings on Jazz”

Special thanks to the media companies and artists that have generously shared recordings, books, comped tickets, and their time with me so that I can share content with all of you: most especially, Jason Paul Harman Byrne of Red Cat Media, Don Lucoff and the whole team at DL Media, Matt Merewitz and Stephen Buono of Fully Altered Media, Seth Rosner of Pi Recordings, Marc Free of Positone Records, Ann Brathwaite of Brathwaite & Katz Media, Jim Eigo of Jazz Media Services, April Thibeault of the Jazz Standard, and Alex Dahne of the University of California Press.

So, in the spirit of the overextended life and the part of the academic’s and audiophile’s psyches that constantly remind us “there’s still more out there to read and listen to!”, here are my best-of-2013 lists for new, (mostly) U.S. jazz books and records: both those that I’ve heard/read already and those that I heard/read about, don’t have, hope to get to, and definitely don’t want to forget about in 2014! I’m listing them alphabetically and not limiting myself to the top 10 or 25 or however many; there’s too much music out there to whittle the list down like that and exclude so many talented musicians and writers, all of whom need our support. I hope there’s something for everyone in these lists.

I’m looking forward to another excellent year for the Rhythm of Study, building new relationships, posting new content, and celebrating brand new (and slighly less than brand new) work. Thanks for all your support!

My Best-of-2013 jazz albums

Those Best-of-2013 albums I haven’t heard yet (but we shouldn’t forget in 2014…)

Best 2013 jazz books

Those Best-of-2013 books I haven’t read yet (but we shouldn’t forget in 2014…)

Did I miss some of your favorites? Add them in the comments below!


  1. Great lists! Thx so much, and happy birthday TRoS. One 2014 release that’s a new favorite: Edward Simon, Venezuelan Suite. And I gotta mention Robert Glasper’s Black Radio, since you didn’t, for 2013. Yes he’s blown up in the pop sphere, but he’s making pop that has jazz values and we got to honor him for that. (Plus his range of taste in pop is excellent.) It’s curious, though: I think Glasper’s work with women singers and musicians on Black Radio is much more interesting than with the male rappers: the cuts with Badu, Hathaway, and Ndegeocello are the best on the CD.

  2. Peter – Thanks for your comment. I’ve already started my best-of-2014 list, too! I haven’t heard the Simon disc yet, but I’m looking forward to it. And I enjoy Glasper’s work, too. The only reason Black Radio isn’t here is because it was released in 2012. Black Radio 2 is here, though! As far as the rappers, I’ve always been a fan of just about anything Yasiin Bey/Mos Def has done, including his track on BR. The tracks you mention are excellent; that album also introduced me to Ledisi whose music I’m diving into now.

  3. David Rosner · · Reply

    3 Excellent cds from my 2013 list:

    1). Mike Pride/From Bacteria to Boys “Birthing Days” (AUM Fidelity)
    2). Mary Halverson, Kirk Knuffle, Matt Wilson “Sifter” (Relative Pitch Records)
    3). Mike Pride “Drummer’s Corpse” (AUM Fidelity)

    Just some additions as your list is really fine.

    David Rosner

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